Finding Signals in the Noise

About the Project

The research began with the question of, “How might we help editors create, edit and discover the content that matters most?”

What needs my attention right now?

Editors at Condé Nast told us they needed a way to perform triage between meetings. They asked us to help them prioritize a list of what needed their attention right now. This list might include stories needing an edit, breaking news or stories going viral. At the time, most people were having notification fatigue. The little red dot was enemy number one. 

My Role

Design Audit, Research Design, Synthesis, Experience Map, Research Readout


Solution: We developed a dashboard for editors that surfaced the most important information, personalized for each user.

My Process


Interviews with stakeholders, subject matter experts editors

This research plan included 60-minute user interviews and a co-creation workshop with a small group of editors. In the workshop we used conceptual prototypes to probe on insights we gained during the interviews we conducted. We needed to better understand how we could help editors create, edit and discover the content that matters most.


Finding the Patterns

During define, I used different frameworks to map behaviors to signals needed, timeframes and platforms.
Five main timeframes were identified: Coffee, Office :30, the Stand Up, Afternoon Grind and Closing Shop. Signals needed depend on what timeframe you are in and the platform also changes based on the timeframe. Coffee time is spent on your mobile device, as well as, the Stand Up. The Afternoon Grind is spent moving between chatting on your phone, doing production on your first screen and monitoring social and analytics streams on your second screen.

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Helping Editors Make Prioritize & Make Data-Driven Decisions from Laura Cochran

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