Hi, I'm Laura Cochran. Some people call me LC.

👋🏼 I’m a strategic insights-based user experience leader that loves leading diverse, tenacious, human-centered teams that deeply understand human behavior to help create better user experiences and innovative product solutions.

I’ve coached hundreds of people on human-centered design methods over the past 15+ years. Making the world a better place through technology, storytelling and impactful experiences is where my passion lies and people are at the center of it all.

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I’m obsessed with solving the right problem.

Service Design

Bots, Messaging apps, Voice user interfaces, Physical experience, CX, Frontstage, Backstage

UX Research & Strategy

Generative, Value Prop, Evaluative, Qualitative, Information Architecture

Design & Development

Innovation, Websites, Apps, CMSes, Analytics, Lean UX, Agile, Rapid Iteration

Operations & Training

Culture, Coaching, Leadership, Brainstorming, Creativity, Idea generation

My philosophy is …


Together is always better than alone.

It’s not only dangerous to work in a silo, it’s less productive for many reasons. Working together fosters personal growth and team growth, and the impact you make together is much greater.This is especially true when it comes to research and design.


Balance autonomy and alignment.

My goal is always to help the team understand where the company wants to go so the team can orient their priorities and plans around this understanding. I encourage autonomy and creativity for cross-functional teams on how they do the work to achieve these goals.


Treat your team like a product.

Keep the team's growth a priority by applying agile rituals to your operations. Remember to reflect on what went well so you can build upon these successes and create action items for opportunities to improve.


No one is coming to save you, it's up to you.

You are the expert, which is hard to remember sometimes because we all suffer from impostor syndrome. But, transformation is hard and It takes a village. We’re all chiefs in my village.


Celebrate every win, even the small wins.

No win is too small to celebrate. It’s important to create a culture of celebration so the impact of the work is a drumbeat and not just a cannon launched once a year.


Diversity and inclusion are not optional.

You need to surround yourself with people that have a different lens on the world in order to be a stronger researcher or designer. This diverse lens comes from the experiences you’ve had collectively as a team.


Remember the human.

This is the glue that holds us together. Human-centered design puts people at the center of everything. It doesn’t matter if you are designing for a stakeholder, colleague, user, buyer, merchant or any number of other descriptors. What is important is that you stay grounded in human factors throughout the design process.

Let's talk about…

Laura Cochran speaks at the 2022 strategy summit for Valley Bank.

Building a Team
in a Pandemic

Building a team, learning about each and every person that joins and seeing the impact they have made, has truly been a highlight of my career and a bright light during this pandemic.

“I'm really trying very hard to ensure that the atmosphere that I am in is comfortable for me. Now, think about the audacity of that, right? We've been told that we have to fit into an environment, a corporate culture… but I have long believed in the sciences about matter. That you change one molecule in a matter and the whole matter changes. So, for me, that's what I think of when I enter a space. I am that molecule. I enter the space and it changes. So then, why would I try to fit into a culture or a corporate space that preceded me. It is no longer the same.” — Bozoma Saint John

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